Securicor Wireless (UK) acquired the US Midland LMR business in 1998, primarily to establish a foothold in the US market to promote their proprietary 220MHz Linear Modulation products. Under Securicor, the Midland product line, dealer network and brand atrophied significantly, culminating with the complete replacement of the 'Midland LMR' brand with 'Securicor' in 1999. In 2001 the former Midland division was re-acquired by Midland Consumer Radio, and an attempt to re-establish the 'Midland' brand began. Aside from being a textbook study in brand mismanagement, the brand identity issues during the Securicor years resulted in identical radio models being sold under both brand labels, occasionally with both brands being marked on the same radio. 

The main Securicor LMR product lines were the Titan, Bantam and BaseTech models, which were later also sold under the Midland brand.

Securicor continued to market their proprietary 220MHz Linear Modulation technology in the US for a short period following 2001.

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