Radio Power and Accessory Connectors

We carry top-quality power cables for virtually all commercial LMR radios (and most amateur models too).
A quality power cable, along with proper antenna placement, may be the single most important aspect of any mobile radio installation. All power cables aren't created equal - our cables are built domestically using US-made crimping dies, using only first-quality OEM parts, plated contacts and genuine copper cable (incredibly, some asian made cables actually use cheaper copper-plated wire). All of our cables meet or exceed OEM specificatons, usually at a fraction of the cost.
Increasingly, as dollar-store class manufacturers knock-off products farther and farther down the 'food chain', we've seen a flood of questionable LMR cabling products arriving from asia. Many are geared towards commercial LMR users and professional installers - and some may inevitably end up in critical public-service applications.
A few of the issues we've seen with counterfeit and knock-off asian parts:
- Wires that pull out of improperly crimped connectors with just 1-2 ft/lbs of force (should be 10-20 min)
- Melted/burnt radio connectors (including radio failure/performance degradation) due to overheating, sparking and arcing of poorly fitting off-brand contacts.
- Incorrectly sized contacts (i.e. the chinese fake Kenwood/Icom "KW2000A" connector has 0.093" contacts where 0.080" contacts are actually required for proper connection!)
- Undersized and "mislabeled" cabling, 15A fuses in flimsy 2A fuse holders, and ground-fused cables... your radio pulling 20A through the antenna ground when the fuse falls out is not good!
- "Fake" copper wire (yes, unbelievable - but true) cables using brittle copper-plated aluminum or steel wire (as copper prices rise, this may become more common).

You'll never see these problems with original OEM cabling or our products. And remember - keep it short: Always use a nearby, unfused ground connection and the shortest practical connection to a dedicated, fused equipment termination block (preferred) or a seperate, 10-12ga fused cable directly to the battery.

We stock cables for most models - if you don't see your radio listed, or have any questions - please contact us to find the cable you need.

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