Midland LMR

A long-recognized and well-established US brand, also with a strong presence in Canada until the mid 1990's. Most early (non-synthesized) LMR products were produced in the US, with mainly Japanese production during the 1980's with the introduction of the Hitachi-Denshi produced Syntech I radios. After the Midland LMR and consumer radio divisions were split and sold to different international interests in the mid 1990's, many subsequent products were Korean-made, often similar to radios sold by others under the Maxon, Alan, Tekk, etc. brands.

Midland LMR timeline:
1959 - Midland International Corp. (Kansas City, MO) founded
1962 - First radio products sold under 'Midland' brand
1981 - First synthesized Midland radios (Syntech I), produced in Japan by Hitachi-Denshi
1995 - Midland Consumer Radio (and 'Midland' brand outside of US) sold to CTE International (Italy)
1996 - Midland's US LMR division sold to Intek Global, renamed to Midland U.S.A., Inc.
1998 - Securicor Wireless (UK) acquires Midland U.S.A. Inc. and US 'Midland' brand becomes 'Securicor'
1999 - Midland Consumer Radio re-enters LMR market in US with 'Alan' brand ('Midland' brand rights were sold to Securicor)
2001 - Midland Consumer Radio acquires LMR division from Securicor Wireless with goal of re-establishing 'Midland' brand in US
2005 - The 'Midland' brand comes full circle,  LMR and consumer products are once again marketed under 'Midland' brand by Midland Radio Corporation (US division of CTE International, Italy) 

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