About Us

Our goal is to be your number one, single-source supplier for all your radio programming needs.

We stock hundreds of unique part numbers, covering virtually every brand of communication radio manufactured.
In the event we don't already have the programming cable or solution you need, our engineering department can usually add it to our product family upon request, often within 24-48 hours. We also offer custom cabling and technical solutions for mobile data, covert operations, geolocation (vehicle location, asset tracking, etc.) using existing radio networks.

A significant part of our business is referral by manufacturers as a recommended supplier of quality, 100% compatible solutions for current, end-of-life and discontinued products.

For radio manufacturers, we can provide both guaranteed availability and comprehensive support for end-of-life programming products, in addition to a continued revenue stream and brand protection through authorized software sales.

Please contact us for more information regarding any of our products or services.